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Farmington Tiger Marching Band

The Tiger Marching Band is an extracurricular group. The horn line is comprised of students registered for any Tiger Band. The color guard is open to the student body, but will be determined based on auditions. Rehearsals are primarily held in August, however, music rehearsals and preparation for the Dew Days parade will be held beginning in May. During the time in July/August, we refine our music, learn our field show and become a cohesive group. Performances are at all home football games, as well as other performances as determined by directors.

SCHOOL SONG (To the tune of “Illinois Loyalty”)

We are loyal to you, Farmington

We are all orange and black, Farmington

We will back you to stand

Against the best in the land

For we know you will stand, Farmington

So strike out that ball, Farmington

We are backing you all, Farmington

Our team is the best as yet

They never have failed us yet

So Rah! Rah! to you, Farmington